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New GPS Satellite Navigation

Today easy GPS satellite navigation and cheap GPS systems can be found online or in discount department stores everywhere. New GPS receivers are no longer an expensive gadget for hunters and sport fisherman; they are a part of our everyday life and for some as important and necessary as a cell phone. With an inexpensive GPS a USA map preloaded in the receiver; a driver could easily find their way anywhere in the USA. The new cheap GPS systems have spawned new hobbies and interests like geocaching (electronic treasure hunting).

Looking for a NEW GPS receiver or considering updating the maps on your current GPS navigation device? has some information that might make your decision easier. Before updating your GPS software you may want to consider a new GPS receiver. Like computers the technology is advancing at exponential speeds while GPS prices continue to fall.

A GPS for Father’s Day is a great gift idea!

New GPS satellite navigation uses 4 satellites to pinpoint the GPS units’ location.

Define GPS

The definition of GPS is Global Positioning System. This is a system of satellites orbiting the earth that can locate the GPS unit (the GPS receiver) by trilateration (a 3 dimensional triangulation). This requires the GPS receiver to locate 4 or more orbiting satellites.

The acronym GPS sometimes refers to the satellite itself, i.e. Global Positioning Satellite.

The phrase, GPS system, often used is actually redundant, i.e. Global Positioning System system. Or the phrase may be referring to the system of satellites, i.e. Global Positioning Satellite system

Different Types of GPS Satellite Navigation

Note here that our discussion is focused on GPS navigation used for personal navigational and positioning purposes; not transmitters only used to track the position of moving objects such as railcars, lost pets, stolen cars etc. Also home computer (PC) based GPS units are ignored (except GPS for Trucks).

There are many different types of GPS receivers on the market today. Before deciding which receiver to buy, you should consider the application for which it is needed or intended as well as the GPS price. For example small inexpensive handheld GPS systems may work for your geocaching-GPS-USA-based treasure hunting but; may be inadequate for avoiding traffic delays around town.
While some GPS satellite navigation units may claim to fulfill all your navigational needs; they each have good and bad attributes.

Here is a quick overview of the major types of GPS satellite navigation systems.

Car Satellite Navigation (in-dash fixed & portable removable).

These single-purpose road GPS navigation systems are designed to help car drivers navigate from point A to point B via conventional roadways. Preloaded road maps for your home country (e.g. WAAS GPS USA 48 states) are supplied by the GPS device manufacturer.

Car Satellite Navigation In-dash GPS units are features installed by the automaker and include after market installations. These are fixed GPS receivers and not designed to be easily removed from the vehicle. Components such power source, antenna and any media interfaces are automobile parts. GPS price tag on theses units is at the high end.

Car Satellite Navigation Portable GPS system may be semi-permanently mounted in a vehicle. These GPS receivers can easily be moved from one vehicle to another or removed to prevent theft. Power is supplied by a cigarette lighter adapter and many have rechargeable internal batteries. GPS price tag on theses units vary from cheap GPS systems to expensive GPS units depending on the features.

Handheld GPS Navigation units may be temporarily mounted in an easy to see location in any vehicle. These GPS receivers can easily be moved from one vehicle to another or used on foot if necessary. Power is supplied by a cigarette lighter adapter and internal battery. Battery life depends on the individual GPS device and may extend to 5 hours. GPS price tag on theses units vary from cheap GPS systems to expensive GPS units depending on the features.

Each auto GPS system is discussed in more detail on our GPS For Cars webpage.

Handheld GPS Navigation Units

Handheld GPS Navigation Units are devices used to navigate cross-country (or water) where roads are not utilized.

Handheld GPS Systems are self-contained units with all necessary components to navigate cross-country (or water) where roads are not utilized. These inexpensive GPS units are popular with hikers, horseback riders, snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, hunters, fishermen or anyone who likes to get off the beaten path. Cheap GPS systems and easy GPS applications have spawned a new pastime…geocaching.

Handheld GPS navigation systems are discussed in more detail on our Handheld GPS Units webpage.

Vehicle mounted Sport GPS Systems are receivers with all necessary components to navigate cross-country but are used for navigation of a vehicle. For example planes OHV (Off Highway Vehicles or ATVs) and boats. 

This type of sport GPS is used by fishermen to navigate back to port or to locate their favorite fishing hole. Because these GPS devices often have extra features (two-way radio, barometer/altimeter, an electronic compass, etc.) they require addition power (possibly an antenna) so are not as portable as the handheld GPS units. GPS price varies with the application and features.

GPS for Trucks

GPS Satellite Navigation for Truckers is in a unique category of its own. Here lines are crossed between person & commercial use and laptop/GPS unit hardware. I will give a brief description of GPS for trucks here.

When selecting a GPS for trucks, start with the software options that meet your needs and then select the hardware compatible with the software. Truckers’ route requirements need to address issues such as Bridge Height Restrictions & weight limits, 53' Trailer Routing, Toll Avoidance and much more. As you can see GPS for Trucks is much more sophisticated than Car Satellite Navigation.

Many GPS for trucks utilize laptop computers to create a database that can be used to run a trucking business. These entire GPS truck systems (with hardware & software) can be quite elaborate therefore the GPS price is understandable varied and higher than car satellite navigation units.

Specialty GPS Receivers and Locators

Specialty GPS Receivers and Locators not discussed here include:
  • Child and pet locator devices
  • Fitness GPS devices
  • Golf GPS systems
  • Range Finders
  • Phones with incorporated GPS receivers
  • Vehicle tracking systems 

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